Company: Chengdu Xinzhouruishi Rul Technology Co.Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Xin300 Smart Tracker; Xin-FR100 long-distance Face Recognization Expert Xin-CA100 Large-scale Crowd Analysis Expert
Booth Number: 1D31
Contact address:
company phone: 02861558532
Company Introduction:
Chengdu Xinedge Technology Co. Ltd is a leading company in intelligent video processing products. There’s a research center located in Chengdu with tens of R&D personnel graduated from world-renowned universities .And they are responsible for research and identification of detection and tracking algorithms as well as retrieval algorithm. Led by the core technology team, we do an independent research and development on intelligent video surveillance products and solutions leading in the industry. Intelligent video tracking identification products produced by our company can be applied to national key security establishments such as public security nets, intelligent transportations, prisons, banks, airports, stations, docks, troops, electricity, minerals, governments and so on.
We are engaged in providing industry-leading products and satisfactory products based on the concept of faithfulness, profession and innovation.