Company: Hu Nan coprometro Co.LTD
Range Category: Building Intercom,Intelligent Analysis,Integrated Management Platform
Products info:face recognition product and solution provider
Booth Number: 4A08
Contact address: No.85,Xianling Road,Yuhua District,Changsha,Hunan,China
company phone: 0731-89755885
Company Introduction:
Hunan coprometro co., ltd. is an independent R & D products high-tech enterprise of face recognition. The company is located in Hunan Environmental science and technology industrial park at no.18 Wanjiali south road , Yuhua district , Changsha city, Hunan province . The company covers an area of more than 80 acres, and has advanced equipments and facilities in the beautiful enterprise zones. Since the company built in 2005, it has been committed to the research and development of face recognition technology. So far it has owned some patents for invention or utility model of face recognition. The products have been qualified by Ministry of Public Security police-use electronic product quality inspection center.
The company has developed a network access control system specialized for high requirement on security which includes the hardware devices of face recognition and the security management platform of access control system.
The face recognition hardware devices adopt embedded platform and have been confirmed to be reliable, effective and low cost by Ministry of Public Security. The products adopt face image acquisition and recognition control system using unique split type design. User’s face data is collected in the front of the equipment, then is transmitted to the back-end using a network cable and will be used for face analysis by the control chip, the face analysis result will be sent to the controller for the next process. The split type design ensures the safety of the access system to the greatest extent and achieves strictly conformity of face recognition product requirements. The products whose out covering are made of metal structure of aluminum alloy and sheet metal can trigger vibration alarm and tamper alarm function in order to prevent forced damage. Now the company has obtained the achievement of a national invention patent and two utility model patents.
The security management platform developed is a network access control, specifically used for managing face recognition devices, and can achieve face recognition’s network management and centralized control. Moreover, system can set multiple management ports, and uniformly registers user’s face information in central administration, the information can be sent to every access control subsystem later. Meanwhile, not only the Administration Center but also the Head office can control and check the working condition of every access system. In addition, more professional access control functions have been developed as follows: Firstly, user’s access permissions for each registered user can individually set the limited access time when users can pass the entrance; Secondly, combination access function specifically for some particular occasion, the access is permitted only in the case that the number of users at present reach a certain quantity. Thirdly, Virtual replacement function, even if user’s successful validation at access point, only if the management center confirms the permission through the current camera can make access worked. The purpose is to ensure the security of access point. Fourthly, double door interlock function. Users who have passed the first door only can pass the second door on the condition that the first door has been shut off. Fifthly, effectively prevent the trailing, when criminal hijacks users, the system can automatically alarm against stress. Sixthly, under some special circumstances, the system supports remote single device or multiple devices for emergency shutdown function, which can effectively deal with the emergencies such as the fire.
The face recognition products have been successfully applied in the field of judicial department, force, financial industry and social security, etc. Furthermore, the company has completed a number of successful stories of high quality and has received good reputation from customers.