Company: Shenzhen Ganwei Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Building Intercom,One Card Solution,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Latest Intelligent integrated software platform
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Company Introduction:
The founder of Shenzhen Ganwei Software Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to build the most fantastic and influential company in the future.

Ganwei software is a high-tech IoT company with the most connection capability, the most application areas and the best user experience, constructing completely closed loops in fields such as the Internet of everything, industry applications, large-screen visualization and natural interaction, etc.

Internet of everything:We provide the most powerful IoT PaaS platform, taking advantage of unique IoT glue and socialized self-organizing technology and integrating edge computing, local computing and cloud computing to quickly converge a variety of sensing information and third-party systems from the bottom layer to revolutionize IoT fragmentation.
Industry applications:Based on the Internet of everything, we can quickly develop various business logics and interfaces, significantly improving the productivity of corresponding industries.
Large-screen visualization and natural interaction: We provide stylish user interfaces, large-screen and multi-window combination, multi-screen interaction, multi-workstation and real-time collaborative rendering and other unique features. In addition, our system supports natural voice, multi-touch, body-sensitive interaction, augmented reality, holograms and other multi-dimensional interactive modes, bringing users immersive sci-fi experience.

With years of accumulation in intellectual common platform and exploration in various industries, Ganwei software set up multiple professional companies of vertical industries. Meanwhile, Ganwei fully opens up technical capabilities to strategic partners and provides comprehensive solutions in multiple fields such as smart buildings, smart parks, technology towns, industrial IoT, elevator IoT, fire service IoT, robots, smart transportation, smart tourism, energy conservation and environmental protection, smart finance, smart cities, etc., constructing a self-contained ecosystem of IoT. We build a powerful urban super brain through cross-industries data convergence, distributed real-time computing, millisecond-level collaboration, unique and unified human-computer interface display.

The future has come, IoT era. We look forward to collaborating with partners from various industries to empower IoT in every field, leading in the road to better future. President of the unit. Company specializing in intelligent buildings, data centers, smart tunnel, rail transportation, intelligence factory, smart substation integrated monitoring, wind farm monitoring, network integration, smart city large, integrated software platforms, and associated sensors and data acquisition system of research and development, providing industry-leading integrated solutions.

Shenzhen Ganwei software technology company has always adhered to the technology research and development and innovation as a priority, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute established a close collaborative research mechanisms, is a model of cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation in information technology. Company 90% out the employee service in product development and engineering, has many completely independent of software copyrights and patents in the field, for the best partners to provide a full range of OEM and ODM services.

Shenzhen Ganwei software technology limited iAlarmCenter.Net of the latest generation software platform for micro-kernel based, scalable, cross-platform architecture, provides top, fully customizable graphical interface, supports the three-dimensional dynamic interactive panoramic HD. System supports a wide range of smartphones and tablets, support multitouch, and remote operations, support the real-time snapshot of the system, the depth of the huge amounts of data mining and analysis, supporting multi-machine hot standby in real time. System management module provides extensible, plug-in based and customizable reports, statistics features, depth to meet the various needs of different users.

Shenzhen Ganwei software technologies Ltd works closely with industry partners to work together, in good faith and mutual respect for the bottom line, carry forward the spirit of the world first, and for a better future.