Company: xian beiguang digital technology CO.LTD.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Video Conference,Display Device,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Black grid optical display
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North light VisionCtrl series multi image edge fusion display and control processor set video multi window processing technology, geometric distortion and edge fusion technology, the perfect realization of the computer signals and video signals, SDI, HD-SDI signals in one, multi window display, edge blending, color correction, multiple source selection, seamless switching, the input signals can be automatic adjustment function to support pre scene features and can be free to call. Fusion geometric accuracy of 0.1 pixels, up to 0-1024 pixels of arbitrary distortion efficiency, real-time refresh, no delay. Can achieve multi-channel signal to open the window display, the window arbitrary roaming, arbitrary zoom, video signal and the calculation of arbitrary superposition. Can support up to 56 channel output, support for up to 48 computer signals and 32 independent video signal display at the same time, and hard disk video recorder output (DVI) multi screen display with, produce more than 128 Road video signal display.