Company: RAYCOM CO., LTD
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Transmission Equipment,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Hd-sdi optical transceiver Multi-zone Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System
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company phone: 010-80106100
Company Introduction:
Raycom Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a good integrated circuit design enterprises, mainly engaged in communications and special chip research and development and sales; company was established in 2000April, registered in Beijing ZhongGuanCun Science Park, has a strong communication and Microelectronics System R & D team.

The company since its establishment, has successfully developed SDH, PDH, data converters,30 balance with independent intellectual property rights of the excellent chip, and apply for a number of technology patents;Raycom chip products, novel function, highly integrated, cost-effective leading, the user access to the full recognition and wide use. With the RAYCOM logo chip stable work in a variety of communications room, Raycom has become the main supplier of communication ASIC.

Raycom is China Semiconductor Industry Association member units, in the 2002 and2003consecutive years won the \\\\\\\" ZhongGuanCun\\\\\\\'s most development potential of the top ten enterprises \\\\\\\" title, in 2003 through the ISO-9001:2000 quality management system certification, and obtained the import and export enterprise qualification.

Raycom is committed to creating value for customers and grow together with customers. In recent years, Raycom diligently, make painstaking efforts, with wisdom and perseverance to design a and a core of China, to create benefits for customers, for customers to win the future. Raycom will be adhering to the \\\\\\\" independent innovation, repeated exercise communication system integration technology and microelectronic technology, the integrated circuit with exquisite design experience, for customers to provide exquisite chip product and outstanding system solutions.

After several years of technology accumulation and precipitation, Raycom gradually mature, has formed a unique technological advantage;2004, companies began to implement the international development strategy, actively expand foreign markets, the RAYCOM chip superior performance and good performance, won the foreign manufacturers of the trust and favor, many countries have used RAYCOM chip manufacturers batch. Raycom not only to independent innovation of chip products to support the national science and technology industrial development, the telecommunications industry for the motherland to make contribution; but also in foreign markets was respected, won the honor for the country. This heart communication of core RAYCOM in the east of the world will always shine, Raycom is a steady pace to the internationally renowned manufacturer of chip of goal.