Company: Shenzhen Hwann Hi-Technologies Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Police Equipment
Products info:Identification of the identity of the person with the identity of the identification of intelligent terminal / face recognition ID card one machine
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Contact address: Huafeng finance port 1003, No. six, 11F Xin\'an Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Baoan District
company phone: 0755-27211281
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Hwann High-tech Co., Ltd. (\"Hwann Hi-tech\") was established in 2016, is a large Internet-based data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence depth learning optimization and multi-biometric identification and social public security system of product development and Solution provider of rookie business.
Hwann high school to identify the identity of the residents and multi-modal biometric identification of the \"identity of the identity of the card\" application as the starting point for the financial industry account real name system, the identity of the public security industry, the communication industry card real name system, social security industry survival certification, wisdom Marine real name system and the medical industry to facilitate medical treatment and quick payment and other rapid growth of new market demand, the development of a series of independent intellectual property rights with intelligent terminal and industry application platform software, in the financial, public security, communications, social security, fishery management, Industry to achieve mass application for China\'s industry information, industry real name system, social and public security and integrity system to lay a solid foundation.
Hwann high-tech advocate focus on the spirit of science and technology practitioners and adhere to innovation-driven, external promotion of outstanding resources integration and strategic cooperation, continue to meet customer needs for customers to create value on the basis of their own and partners to seek sustained and stable development.
Hwann high-tech independent research and development team covers the development of embedded IC, module, terminal equipment and system platform and application program. The coverage area covers residents\' identity card, smart card reading, biometrics (face, fingerprint, finger vein, iris, etc.) , BD + GPS, Tiantong on the 1st satellite communications and other equipment and software custom development.