Company: ChangZhou MinKing IOT sensing Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Transmission Equipment,Display Device,Storage Devices,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Police Equipment
Products info:Starlight speed dome、SurroundVideo speed dome PTZ、Vehicle intelligent PTZ 、Surround Video PTZ、Heavy duty PTZ.
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Contact address: No.65-12 Xinggang Road ,Zhonglou economic development zone,Changzhou ,Jiangsu,China.
company phone: 0519-83900326
Company Introduction:
Minking was founded in 2001, the sub company of CSSI inc.

Minking is the earliest research, development, production CCTV monitoring equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the field of intelligent digital control and CCTV surveillance’s professional leading-edge technology, has been recognized by the security professionals at home and abroad. We now produce HD-SDI, HD-IP , and analog products. "Intelligent High Speed Dome”, “infrared synchronization intelligent high-speed PTZ camera”, “laser synchronization intelligent high-speed PTZ camera “from a number of ways to fill the domestic blank and won a number of patents. By virtue of leading-edge technology, Minking newly developed “thermal imaging high speed PTZ , "Intelligence Auto Tracking Speed Dome", "HD-IPSeries" , TVI Series, embodies intelligent, high-definition function and night vision monitor the effective combination of products to make up for the gaps in the field, representing the modern mainstream monitoring direction of high-definition technology, intelligent analysis technology and night vision feature .

Beijing Olympic security police patrol cars vehicle Monitoring, Qingdao Olympic sailing venue, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Monitoring, Wenzhou police car vehicle Monitoring, Shenzhen police car vehicle Monitoring, Changzhou bus BRT stations, Jiangxi Skynet projects, Suifenhe Free Trade Zone, and other types of monitoring sites, can find Minking’s product always played an active role. Minking’s product is generally used in roads and bridges, financial system, customs, hospitals, schools, residential, railway stations and other types of monitoring projects. Also widely used in the construction of restful city in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jiangxi Province, Daqing.

50% of Minking’s product are sold around the world, and have won foreign customers’ favor. Minking’s product is also won domestic users’ favor. In recent years, company consecutive win “Top Ten International & National Brands of Security Industry” " Restful City Recommended Brand " ,“China Top 100 Security Industry "," Star Enterprises "," Restful City Recommended product "," Golden Tripod Award" by CPSE, and many other awards.

In the develop environment of domestic security, Minking develop rapidly. As the mainstream brand of domestic first-class production of security video monitoring front-end products, quality and technical innovation of company's product has walk in the front end of the industry. New era in security, Minking build a comprehensive high-definition monitor of full range products to market. Let the development of the industry as own duty, and will continue to forge ahead.

We are the best friends forever once you have entered the cooperation with Minking.