Company: ShEn zhEn huA xU tOng Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Transmission Equipment
Products info:HDMI/DVI/SDI/ASI network Gao Qingguang transceiver CVI/TVI coaxial AHD/hd audio and video optical transceiver optical transceiver/industrial fiber ring network management switches MB/gigabit network physical isolation multi-function multiplexing optical t
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company phone: 0755-21038897
Company Introduction:
Shen zhen hua xu tong Technology Co., Ltd is a professional research, development, production and sales of optical transceiver enterprise. China sequence independently developed the HT Fiber optical Fiber digital transmission equipment, mainly used in optical carrier under a wide range of non compressed video transmission, digital audio transmission, data transmission, etc. HT Fiber series products with high flexibility, reliability, easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in transportation, ITS security, finance, telecommunications, radio and television, water conservancy, oil, electricity and other fields. Because it has excellent performance and good buy, trusted by the customers, increasing market share, fully meet the different industries, different people demand for communication and connection, more and more become the hot spot in the industry. As soon as possible in order to set up sales and service outlets, now invites the country .