Company: Prisd Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Building Intercom,Smart Home
Products info:Smart home system
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company phone: 83441116
Company Introduction:
Prisd - Digital building terminal experts, the headquarters in Silicon Valley of USA, with top-notch technology and rich market resources. In the field of global digital terminal, prisd with top technical level and the abundant in the overall strength of the strongest and stable supplier, continuously provide one-stop quality service for the customers all over the world.
Over the years,prisd has been committed to the digital terminal products and building technology,combined with the advantages of building products on the market and demand unceasingly, prisd collected many high-end digital terminal building industry design research and development personnel, adopt new technology continuously make a mature stable, good quality, simple construction, convenient maintenance and novel appearance of the digital terminal system.
Prisd Technology Co., Ltd., based in shenzhen, relying on the strong support of prisd headquarters for the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and in other parts of Asia, to provide professional building intelligent terminal products, products include: intelligent building visual intercom system, intelligent home control system, hotel intelligent control system, etc.; Provide customers with all-round, three-dimensional and open intelligent systems and solutions. And it can be designed for the airport, sports venues, libraries and other public places to customize the intelligent control system of personalized style.