Company: Shanghai FJade Detection Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: Security Inspection & EOD
Products info:Dual-beam X-ray Baggage Scanner
Booth Number: 2131
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company phone: 021-33752353
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Company Introduction:
Shanghai FJade Detection Technology Co., Ltd is located in Wanling road, Shanghai Pudong New District, founded in 2016 with registered capital of 30 million. As a new security equipment manufacturer, we integrate R&D, manufacturing, engineering and services. Products originated in the field of public safety, with a sound production team and after-sales service system.
We developed X-ray imaging technology as the core of the baggage safety inspection equipment and X-ray foreign body detection machine, electromagnetic induction technology as the core of the human metal detection door, the computer tomography technology as the core of dangerous goods liquid detector and other related high-tech products. Our company's products continue to upgrade, and gradually formed a variety of tunnel size covering single/double beam X-ray Baggage Scanner, Dangerous Liquid Detector, Walk-through Metal Detector, Hand-held Metal Detectors and other security products.
We have a talent software developer, senior electrical engineering team, practitioners experienced mechanical design experts, sophisticated products with long-term stable operation, excellent customer experience.
At the same time, we focus on "dangerous goods automatically identification" security equipment for the future demand of the security market, to provide a more secure, more reliable, more humanized security equipment.