Company: WATEC CO., LTD.
Range Category: Video Surveillance
Products info:Low light color and B/W CCD cameras Low lux CCD cameras Low light USB3.0 camera Global shutter Camera-link CCD cameras Low weight color and B/W CCD cameras
Booth Number: 1T02
Contact address: Room D1105, Xian Dai Cheng, No. 88, Jian Guo Lu, Beijing Shi, P.R.C.
company phone: +86-10-85890941
Company Introduction:
Watec has been a leading manufacture of compact, lightweight CCD cameras
for use in surveillance, image processing and FA systems for almost 20 years.
Our customers have consistently evaluated our cameras to be the highest quality
and reliability, with the result that Watec now has markets in over 60 countries
world wide.
Watec has become the leader in miniaturization, currently producing the smallest
CCD cameras in the industry, Our design philosophy and development has been
driven by ourgoal for versatile usage and installation ease.
Through our own research and development of hybrid integrated circuitry,
Watec continues to shrink CCD cameras while retaining quality and resolution.