Company: Wenzhou Annaixin Science Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Smart Home,Security Cables,Transmission Equipment,Security Accessories,Intelligent Transportation,Hardware Equipment
Products info:CCTV housing, CCTV bracket.
Booth Number: 9D21
Contact address: Industrial area Baotian,Tangxia Town,Wenzhou ,China
company phone: 0577-65399699
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2002, Annaixin Electronics Accessories Factory (ANX in short) is specializing in manufacturing CCTV accessories products and a member of China Public Security. It is located in Ruian, Wenzhou. Wenzhou is one of the most dynamic economic cities in China, and is famous of its business all around the world.
   Since ANX has been built up, Annaixiness have made full use of their intelligent, passion and practiced bravely. We benefit from the economic grow of Zhejiang, and made a chance in the fierce competition. We run a special way of “Wenzhou pattern”, and made a prominent progress.
   In the course of development, we accumulate more experience to make our company strong. We have regular production process, complete technical support and the intimate after-sales service. The service upgrade image and image show the strength.    Our main products are including CCTV housing& bracket. They can be used in banks, governments, mine factories, roads, home, shops and special occasions. Our company has established the long-term partners’ relationship with the famous camera manufacturers and Engineering manufacturers at home and abroad.
  The 21st century is full of opportunities and challenges, and we are looking forward to co-operate with you. We pay more attention to research and development of new products and the use of human resources. We can improve the quality of your special requirement. The motto of ANX is “Safety first, Durability-based, Credibility most”.