Company: Shenzhen HQVT Technology Co.,LTD
Range Category: Video Surveillance
Products info:Dynamic Face Recognition 、 Video Structuring
Booth Number: 1D59
Contact address: 3/F, Building 8, Taihua Wutong Island, Xixiang, Bao\\\'an  District, Shenzhen, China 
company phone: 075-23713016
Company Introduction:
HQVT is a smart hardware R&D manufacturer based on Vision+AI+IoT. The core product lines are divided into three categories: face smart cameras, face gate partners, and face access control attendance machines.
Since the beginning of its business in 2013, HQVT has taken the visual artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things technology as its core direction, and independently realized the complete closed-loop system of intelligent terminal of “underlying algorithm + embedded application software + hardware manufacturing”, and adopted OEM/ODM mode. Provide high-performance products for a large number of domestic and foreign customers.
HQVT has always adhered to the development path of “Technology Innovation”, “Customer-centered, Quality-based” as its business philosophy, and continues to provide customers with quality products and services to help customers create greater value!