Range Category: Security Accessories,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Intelligent card sending and receiving equipment, vehicle detection equipment and parking guidance system, etc.
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Contact address: 6f/Bldg. 3, Xili Nangang Second Industrial Park, No.1026, Songbai Rd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
company phone: 0755-85028489
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Dego Intelligent System Co.,Ltd. is a parking field equipment in the field of intelligent card transceiver and vehicle detection solutions, a leading manufacturer.
Dego has the industry\\\\\\\'s leading independent core technology and sustainable development ability, providing intelligent card, intelligent collecting machine, loop vehicle detector, ultrasonic vehicle detector, magnetic vehicle detector and other products and its control system. For single channel traffic light control, smart parking, pedestrian access, hotel self-service, self-service and many other members of the industry to provide a suitable breakdown products and professional solutions. These products and solutions are widely used in more than a dozen countries in the world, quietly support our fast and out of parking, scenic and other places.