Company: ShenZhen LOOC ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Building Intercom,Smart Home,Security Accessories,Chip-level Solutions,Intelligent Transportation,Component
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Company Introduction:
ShenZhen looc electronics Co., LTD., a joint venture invested by Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, is specializing in producing and processing the optical components, designing and manufacturing the optical equipment, researching and producing diversified optical lens.
Founded in February of 1999, the Company is staffed by more than 650, in which the engineering technicians are over 70. By boasting of more than 400 of advanced processing equipment exported from the abroad, it has a solid capability on design, research and production, particularly on the optical lens processing.
Presently, our processing capability to the small lens reaches 3,000,000 in each month, diversified gun collimation mirrors and telescopes of over 50000. In the furious market competition, the Company has established a wide cooperation relationship with the customers both at home and abroad, and has distributed its products throughout China and even to Southeast Asia countries, Europe and American countries. A lot of global well-known enterprises like \\\\\\\'VIVITAR\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"Kodar\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"Fujitsu\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"Panasonic\\\\\\\" has the business with us. Based on the wide technical exchange and cooperation, the Company will constantly absorb the advanced technology and try to build up the renowned brand in HL in the international market.
We need more friends to support us in future. Cooperate with us, the first-class quality and after-sales service is guaranteed!