Company: Guangzhou, KING BANG Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Public Broadcasting,Video Conference
Products info:Public broadcasting, conferencing systems, professional audio
Booth Number: 2B35
Contact address: 82 New Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Small Village Anderson Road
company phone: 020-37153630
Company Introduction:
KING-BANG (Jing Bang) is an American KING-BANG Science and Technology Group, meticulously masterpiece. It was founded in 1996, it is one of the earliest audio brand, has more than ten years of professional production of public broadcasting, conferencing systems, professional audio of experience and precipitation. KING-BANG (Jing Bang) sound use of the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s most advanced audio processing and signal transmission technology, by virtue of a profound understanding of the needs of customers, excellence in design, reliable quality and affordable prices, has been well received by customers and love, selling products in mainland China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America and Oceania, and other 80 countries and regions. KING- BANG (Jing Bang) Sound is a popular best-selling brands, providing the highest quality products and improve the pre-sale, service. KING-BANG (Jing Bang) and the purpose of positioning: Through continue to provide the most valuable products and services to meet customers, contribute to society!
KING-BANG (Jing Bang) series production process strictly enforce the ISO9001: 2000 quality system standards, through ISO901 international quality certification, 3 certification, speaker waterproof certification, exports to the EU certification, explosion-proof certification speaker. It is widely used successfully in major universities, schools, hotels, commercial buildings, intelligent community, hospitals, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, residential streets, institutions, hotels, supermarkets, telecommunications, customs, electricity, highways, railway stations , industries wharf, archives, libraries, museums, tourist sites, factories and other units.