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Products info:13.3\\\\\\\"-22.5\\\\\\\" ultra-thin lifting screen,folding series,the tablet conferencing terminal series,flip up series,7\\\\\\\"-12\\\\\\\" electronic table tablet series,digital information sign series.
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1.13.3-22.5 inches ultra-thin lifting screen machine, monitor elevation after 0-60 degrees, with 10 position capacitive touch screen and DeskMedia paperless meeting system, have the paperless meeting function, with plotting function state of emergency, emergency command intelligent scheduling system for docking system, support system development.
2.Based on the IOS/android/WIN8 system such as folding paperless multimedia conferencing terminal system;
3. The tablet paperless multimedia conferencing terminal series;
4. Turn the paperless multimedia conferencing terminal series;
5. 7 ~ 12 inches electronic table tablet stands of liquid crystal series: this series of products cabinet modelling beautiful, double-sided hd TFT digital true color screen display emblem, cable and Vmcell wireless networking support, strong confidentiality.
6. Digital information sign series: this series has the reality the emblem, logo, and other functions, radio or multi-line rolling display different conference themes and images.