Company: Bosiny Electronics Co., Ltd.
Range Category: One Card Solution,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Smart Parking, License Plate Parking, Ultrasonic Parking Guiding, Video Parking Locating & Guiding, Visitor Management, Door Access Control, Elevator Access Control, Synthetical Solution on WeChat Plateform
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company phone: 0755-83606066
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Bosiny Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of Access Control Solutions. Relying on branches and technical network all over China, Bosiny devote to providing innovative technology and synthetical solutions including Door Access Control, Video Streaming Face Recognition, Visitor Register, Speed Gate, Elevator Access Control, Smart Parking, Ultrasonic Parking Guiding, Video Parking Guiding and Locating, Time Attendance Management and Fare Collection, etc.
Bosiny has the most complete, point-to-point product line and All-in-One solution for Access Control industry. Applying innovative technologies such as RFID, iBeacon Bluetooth 4.0, Video Streaming Face Recognition, QR code Recognition, License plate Identification, Ultrasonic Detection, Video Parking Guiding, Wireless Geomagnetism and WeChat Platform, Bosiny commit to realize industrial & professional applications for intelligent Building. By operating professional pre-program design and meticulous after-sales service, Bosiny is flexible to meet different needs with rapid innovation of estate developers, government and corporate customers.
So far, Bosiny has serviced mainstream estate developers, government and corporate customers. Bosiny is staying ahead of the industry with core technologies as Video Parking Guiding & Locating, New Generational ACS, Visitor Register and Speed Gate Control which successfully applied to many large urban complex projects.
Bosiny operated over 28 branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Xi\'an, Nanjing, Jinan, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changsha, Hefei and Kunming, etc. Over 30 Bosiny senior R&D engineers track newest innovative technologies to provide exciting products, and over 3000 square meter manufacturing factory based on Shenzhen to assure high quality for each customer.
Bosiny keep providing users with safe, reliable, stable performance, technology-leading products and solutions, assuring convenient and sustainable services to obtain the user\'s satisfaction and affirmation. Right now, Bosiny had make a great success in many big intelligent building access control projects all over China and offer confidence guarantee to different partners, successful project experience such as high-end residential, city complex, hotel, grade-A office space, large-scale venues center, transportation hub, government building, enterprise group, hospital, school and prison.
For the future, Bosiny will continue to focus on leading the development of Access Control industry, to meet more stringent technical challenges and diverse application requirements.