Company: Beijing Greatwall Security Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Burglar Alarm,One Card Solution,Smart Home
Products info:Perimeter alarm system;Pulse electronic fence;Tension electronic fence
Booth Number: 2A15
Contact address:
company phone: 54990405
Company Introduction:
Shanghai GreatWall Security Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in
2005, it located in the beautiful Shanghai Hi-Tech Park, our factory is
the industry’s leading outdoor security system research and
development, sales, consulting and after-sales service enterprises,
our factory is the member unit of Shanghai Safety precaution and
Alarm Association, the security system provided by the GreatWall is
renowned for its high reliability, high detection performance and low
false positives and false positives. in the Perimeter security field, the
GreatWall security is rapidly becoming China’s innovative security
products supplier. The GreatWall brand perimeter security system
provide professional solutions for the government, the military
location, commercial, industrial, public places, power plants, water
plants, oil depots, gas companies, VIP real estate, government,
business and other major residential customers . We are successful in
innovation and uniqueness, and we will continue to explore the