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company phone: 83390307
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2003, GalaxyCore Inc. is a leading China-based fabless image sensor company targeting the global mobile device and consumer electronics market.

We design, develop and market high-quality and cost-efficient CMOS image sensor devices, which capture optical images and convert the images into digital output signals. Our image sensors are primarily used in mobile devices, including feature phones, smart phones, and tablets.

We also design, develop and market LCD driver chips, which are devices that drive the LCD panel to display image data on a screen.

Our core competencies are our innovative design capability, efficient and flexible manufacturing processes and our established relationships with industry players, such as suppliers (foundries and packaging houses), CMOS camera module manufacturers and LCD module manufacturers, end device manufacturers and design houses.

We have strong confidence in our future growth and are poised to expand our leading position in the image sensor industry as well as the LCD driver industry.