Company: China-vision Intelligent Card Reader Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Police Equipment
Products info:ID card reader, Public security self-service equipment, Handheld terminal equipment, Smart card chip.
Booth Number: 8B19
Contact address:
company phone: 0755-26727447
Company Introduction:
China-vision Intelligent Card Reader Co., Ltd.(Referred to as:China-Vision), China\\\'s identity industry leader, the world\\\'s leading intelligent security identification technology and program providers. China-Vision is a country focused on the field of identity, business scope covers the identity card reading equipment, public security self-service terminals, handheld terminal equipment and smart card chip and other areas of national high-tech enterprises.China-Vision was founded in 2002, a total investment of 100 million yuan, registered capital of 50 million yuan, headquartered in Shenzhen, more than 200 employees. The company owns Beijing Branch, Wuhan Branch, Longhua Branch, sales and service coverage of the country.