Company: Guangzhou Wedone Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Smart Home,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
Products info:Finger Vein modules、Finger Vein smart locks 、theother products and the solutions.
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company phone: 02031001111
Company Introduction:
Guangzhou Wedone Technology Co.,Ltd. is a company that focusing finger vein recognition technology research and development.And now we are a high-tech enterprise with Independent Intellectual Property Rights.
Finger vein recognition is based on vein feature under the premise of finger blood flow to identity authentication.It is a Biometric Identification Technology.
As for the public,the more knowledge we know is fingerprint recognition.But fingerprint recognition has many shortcomings,just like easily copied and forged,easily affected by finger surface condition and dry wet environment.So the new generation biometric identification technology is born at the right moment.