Company: TaiBang Motor Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Smart Home,Transmission Equipment,Security Accessories,Intelligent Transportation,Fire Equipment,Security Inspection & EOD
Products info:State Motor industry Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a Jian Kaixian gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, arc tooth bevel gear (right angle deceleration) machine, hyperboloid gear (straight shaft) reducer worm gear reducer、......
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company phone: 81525558
Company Introduction:
Founded in 1995, Taibang motor industrial group is a professional company specializing in producing and marketing the cylinder gear motor,right-angle motor,hypoid gear motor,precision planetary reducer and other special reducer and the matching induction motor,reversible motor,brake motor,DC motor,brushless DC motor,stepper motor,switch motor,servo motor etc.Our products are widely used in various kinds of industrial production lines,conveying machinery,food machinery,medical machinery,printing machinery,textile machinery,office machinery,instrumentation,advertising industry,recreational facilities,financial equipment,household appliance,gymnastics,intelligent robots etc.,they are the first choice of supporting parts of automation equipment.
Taibang Group operate strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system and approved CCC certificate,UL certificate,CE certificate,ROHS certificate,TUV certificate,the products are sold to the domestic and overseas market to famous customers with high reputation.