Company: Sichuan YiFeng Electronic Science & Technology Co., LTD
Range Category: Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Police Equipment,Security Inspection & EOD
Products info:passive terahertz human security system
Booth Number: 8B24
Contact address: 2Floor, 7th Building K-Area, No.218 Jing Ye Road∣Qingyang District∣Chengdu 610091∣China
company phone: 028-61962718
Company Introduction:
Sichuan YiFeng Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd, a high-tech company in the field of microwave semi-conductor, was founded in 2008. As an important design and manufacturer in the field, the company provides customers with world leading level of microwave chips, microwave components and system solutions. The frequency covers from DC to 300GHz.
The company has designed and developed the passive terahertz human security system, which uses the innovative sensors to passively receive the terahertz wave radiating by human bodies. As it can scan image without radiation on the human body, it is suitable for detection of belongings in the human clothing. It has a very wide range of applications.