Company: Shenzhen Intellifusion Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Intellifusion Technologies Co. Ltd. was founded in August 2014. It is an AI (artificial intelligence) unicorn company equipped with AI algorithm, AI chip and big data concurrently for the first time in China. Intellifusion is committed to transforming the physical world by intelligent technologies. Relying on the elite international technical team and the“full stack”AI tech platforms, the company develops products and solutions in various verticals, including public safety, smart business, intelligent supercomputing, AIoT, etc., which is widely applied in more than 80 cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, etc. around China and Southeast Asian countries.
Intellifusion’s AI algorithm platform - Arctern is built by the senior team from Silicon Valley who has won many international vision competitions. It has cutting-edge technologies including face recognition, gesture recognition, human body structuralization, vehicle detection, etc.. Thanks to the original implicit multi-scene fusion technology, Arctern won the first place in many customers organized competitions, and maintains high-precision recognition even in complex environments.
In 2018, Intellifusion’s AI chip platform - Moss has successfully taped out its first independent intellectual property rights AI chip - DeepEye1000. The DeepEye1000 is a heterogeneous multi-core visual analysis SoC chip embedded in a custom instruction set neural network processor. Compared with the general-purpose GPU, DeepEye1000 has 20 times performance improvement, unit energy efficiency improvement of 100 times, system delay decreasing of 200 times, which features low power consumption, high energy efficiency, intelligent upgrade, and programmable. It can be widely applied on cameras, robots and UAVs, as well as for digital cities, smart retail and other scenarios, to realize the security, independence, autonomy and control of front-end cameras in visual AI city brains.
Intellifusion\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s big data platform - Matrix supports city-level data accessing, processing and mining. The self-developed AI database system has improved searching performance by 100 times compared with the traditional one, far ahead of the industry’s average. Matrix has the industry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s first AI operating system - AIOS technology. It supports active data annotations which has improved data efficiency by more than 10 times. It also supports automatic model training, so that AI models can be trained independently by ordinary users.
At present, Intellifusion has launched the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s first dynamic facial recognition system - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"DeepEye\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in the field of public security; the scenario management and business analysis system - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"VesionBook\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in smart retail field; for urban intelligent computing, data analysis and industrial testing, it has released the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s leading one-stop AI enabling platform - AIOS. At the same time, based on Intellifusion\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s state-of-the-art algorithm + chip + big data multi-dimensional capabilities, it creates leading algorithms, modules, devices, cloud products and data analysis services and full range products to empower the AIoT platform.
In 2015, Intellifusion was selected as“Key Overseas Chinese Startups”team by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and was picked for “Peacock Plan”in Shenzhen; In 2018, Intellifusion won the“Chinese Overseas Contribution Award”, and the“Wu WenJun AI Science and Technology Award”hailed as China\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s supreme award for intelligence Sc&Tech.
Intellifusion is always attaching great importance to technical innovation. So far, Intellifusion has owned nearly 500 technology patents in China (including in-application ones), of which 80% are invention patents. And our core members as inventors has commanded more than 50 authorized patents in America.
In the future, Intellifusion will continue to focus on the field of visual AI, to promote the optimization of visual recognition algorithms and accelerate the development of high-performance artificial intelligence chips. Intellifusion adheres to AI empowerment, and strives to build an AI industry ecosystem with efficient integration and continuous innovation. Intellifusion is devoted to building human-centered city brains and realize the information structuralization of the physical world.