Company: Shenzhen Jinhe Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: One Card Solution,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
Products info:Intelligent pedestrian passage, three roller brake, swing gate, wing brake, full high turn gate, high speed swing brake
Booth Number: 5D09
Contact address: 2 / f, no.59 xinhe road, mugu village, pinghu street, longgang district, shenzhen
company phone: 0755-84663802
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Jin Heng Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sale and security engineering as one of the scientific and technological enterprises. Since its inception in 2002, dedicated to the channel gate, three roller gates, wing gate, swing gate, a gate, Wheelchair Access, Shanghai electric gate, gate, gate, electric car high rotating gate, barrier free fast channel machine, supermarket security, hard tag, soft tag (8.2MHz) (58KHz), (58KHz), soft hard tag tag (8.2MHz), R & D and production of integrated security systems supporting the expansion and integration of application access control, attendance, consumption, parking lot, elevator card system, optional IC card, magnetic card, bar code, RFID tags, application of anti electrostatic environment test, palmprint and the fingerprint identification system, formed a high-tech intelligent channel access control system, security identification control system, EAS electronic anti-theft system based products and the development of the market system. Over the years the company operating in good faith, in 2006 to become the South Chinese Ingersoll Rand palmprint recognition products authorized to gold sales service.
Shenzhen jinzongheng Technology Co. Ltd. in the EAS electronic anti-theft recognition, intelligent channel access control, access control, electronic ticket ticket wing gate ticket, high fence gate, continuous innovation, based on humanization, intelligent product development, increase the function of software and hardware, has a skilled, efficient and pragmatic the team, rich experience in research and development, product development and innovation ability, decide the product price has more advantage in the same industry.
Shenzhen jinzongheng Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the "people-oriented, integrity management, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead" of the service concept, and constantly improve the humanized management products, to network channels as the basis of market development, create a win-win cooperation, and development "business philosophy with our strategic partner. And according to market changes and industry development requirements, products began to internationalization, standardization, and gradually expand the Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian business.