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Products info:SIP video phone SIP video Intercom 4G Wireless telephone
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company phone: +8675586662546
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Company Introduction:
SASINCOMM Communication consists of a core team that has worked in
the industry for many years. The members have rich experience in
communication product development and design, including ID design,
structure stacking, hardware PCB, LINUX driver, APP application and
other senior engineers.
SASINCOMM Communication is an innovator of intelligent communication
and video intercom technology. We have rich product development
achievements in 4G wireless communication, SIP video intercom, face
recognition and sound processing. The products are the rst to introduce
intelligent VOIP network alarms in the industry. It has been extended to the
entire public broadcasting eld and has been widely recognized in the
elds of nance, education, military, judicial public security, transportation,
safe city, industry, scenic spots, etc., and has always been in the leading
position in the industry