Company: Wuhan Jinwin Vision Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Intelligent Transportation
Products info:"double-mode geomagnetic+", "smart video pile" and "urban smart parking integrated management cloud platform","Roadside Ai-parking&Charging pile Combo "
Booth Number: 1C18
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company phone: 59597666
Company Introduction:
Located in Optics Valley, China - Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone and National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Wuhan JINWIN Technology Co., Ltd., listed on the New Third Board in January 2017 (stock code 870135), is a national-level high-tech enterprise and “double-soft” (software product provider and software service provider) enterprise based on the supply of urban intelligent parking product and solution, and a governing unit in Wuhan Parking Association and Shanghai Parking Association. In recent years, the company insisted on meeting the market demands of rich and multi-scenario intelligent parking pain point to break through on-road and off-road city-class integrated solutions by means of innovation concepts of technology research and development, smart front-end hardware products and software services of cloud platform, thus, successively won honorary titles such as China Parking Industry Golden Parking Award in 2017, Demonstration Enterprise of Technological Innovation for Road Parking Industry, and Best Product Award for China Intelligent Transportation Industry in 2017; in addition to three system qualifications such as the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification, the company also has the core qualifications of information system integration services and electronic intelligent professional contracting.
Since its establishment, the company has focused on the research of visual perception and image recognition technologies, and has leveraged big data collection and mined applications in intelligent parking industry through key technologies of the Internet of Things. Relying on the "Hubei Visual Perception and Intelligent Transportation R&D Center" technology platform, the company has developed multiple products such as "double-mode geomagnetic+", "smart video pile" and "urban smart parking integrated management cloud platform" with the first complete intellectual property rights. A wide application in urban road parking is a leading intelligent product worldwide, and it has many invention patents and more than ten product qualifications. Aipai Intelligent Technology Holding Company, subordinated to Wuhan JINWIN Technology Co., Ltd., which provides integrated solutions for smart parking of closed parking lot, has more than 1,000 parking lots connected to the SAAS cloud platform in the first and second tier cities in China, and provides enterprise-level users with a focus service adhering to the spirit of openness, connectivity and future.