Company: Shenzhen Eyecool Intelligent Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Integrated Management Platform
Products info:Skynet Engineering Intelligent Recognition System, Face and Iris Intelligent Recognition Security Products.
Booth Number: 4B03
Contact address: 8F, Building 1, Huihuang International Plaza, Shangdi 10th Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
company phone: 59713131
Company Introduction:
Eyecool is a multi-modal biometrics technology driven by AI, which stands at the top of the whole value chain. As an artificial intelligence enterprise, Eyecool entered the field of biometrics earlier than others. It has its own patent technology of multi-modal biometrics such as fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein and so on. It has successfully built a multi-modal biometric platform to achieve multi-scene recognition, unified management of application, multi-product and multi-identification technology.

The recognition rate of Eyecool Technology Face Recognition Algorithms in LFW International Assessment Competition is as high as 99.71%. Fingerprint identification algorithm and fingerprint acquisition equipment are included in the recommendation list of algorithms and equipment for National identity card application of the Ministry of Public Security. Iris recognition algorithm won the second place in the world in the 2009 International Iris Recognition Algorithms Open Competition (NICE: II).

Eyecool has more than 400 patents, and the core technology has won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award. It participated in the revision of 79 standards, including 55 national standards, 20 industry standards, and 4 group standards. It is the only Chinese enterprise whose fingerprint and iris technology have passed national test of India.

Eyecool has completed the whole industrial chain, from bottom algorithm, to unified platform, software, intelligent terminal products, and to implementation. It has served 2000 + global customers and led 1000 + channel customers, covering various fields such as finance, education, social security, public security, government, army, enterprises and institutions, It keeps cooperation with more than 80% of banking institutions and more than 100 universities. A series of mature solutions and scenario applications has been used in smart finance , smart campus, smart city and other fields.

Eyecool is not only one of the first batch of Beijing Zhongguancun enterprise to enter Xiong\'an, and also the first AI enterprise with its headquarters in Xiong’an, which helps build the smart city Xiong\'an.