Company: Shandong Haibo Technology Information System Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Integrated Management Platform,Police Equipment
Products info:Regional Dynamic Control Platform, Intelligent Physical Examiner
Booth Number: 7A15
Contact address:
company phone: 58716868
Company Introduction:
Shandong Haibo Technology Information System Co., Ltd. (the stock abbreviation is “Haibo Technology”, the stock code is 872905) was founded in 2004 and listed on the new third board in 2018. It’s a first-class solution expert in the field of public security in China. Over the years, the company has committed to the big data, innovative application of artificial intelligence technology in the safe city operation and public security information construction. It also participates several key projects construction in many countries and cities, such as Beijing Olympic Games, APEC Conference, National Games, Expo and so on. During the Qingdao Summit in 2018, Haibo technology “video cloud parsing and sharing platform” worked for 6024 hours continuously, which ensures the security of the video and the success of the summit. Finally, Haibo Technology is verifying its enterprise strength with excellent grades and industry reputation.
At present, the company’s developers accounts for more than 70%, it holds several qualifications, including CMMI3, ISO9001, ITSS, secret enterprises etc. Moreover, the company has won progress prize in science and technology for many times, which given by the Ministry of Public Security and Public Security Development of Shandong Province.
Haibo Technology always adheres to the direction of customer demand-oriented and innovation-driven development. The research and development capabilities of video big data, artificial intelligence products and innovative solutions in public safety and people’s livelihood are at the leading position in China.
The company’s computer vision recognition technology overcomes the difficulty of night identification and achieves accurate identification and location in complex environment. In order to meet the needs of the public security business, nearly twenty intelligent "expert + actual combat" models in researching and judging battle method have been developed, which greatly enriched the means of early warning, judgment, command, management and control, etc., thus to make the industry's cutting-edge technology truly become a powerful "arms" for users.
In the field of artificial intelligence, the human behavioral analysis of Haibo Technology can simultaneously capture and analyze the facial expressions and physical behaviors of dozens of people, so as to predict the criminal behavior and reduce the occurrence of criminal incidents from the source. Human behavioral analysis enables the informatization and intelligent reform of public security industry with artificial intelligence, so as to promote the construction of public security industry comprehensively.
In the future, Haibo Technology will continually keep the idea of “fighting spirit, being faithful and responsible, serving attentively, creating values”. Through utilizing its advantages in big data and AI, Haibo Technology will provide more efficient and intelligent products and projects, and help urban administrators to promote a scientific, intelligent and professional development of urban governance.