Company: Shanghai Typrotech Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
Products info:Securiy Intelligent Management System,Koala Security Cloud Services,Solution,Operation and Maintenance Services,Technicali Security Stations,Entrusted Management Services of Monitoring Center、Network Alarm Operation Services
Booth Number: 1D28
Contact address: Building 50, No.1000 Jinhai Road, Pudong District,Shanghai
company phone: 65981999
Company Introduction:
Shanghai Typrotech Technology Co.,Ltd known as TYPROTECH for short, was founded in 2002.Listed on the New OTC Market(new over-the-counter market), with the stock named Tianyue Technology, code 430675, its total equity reached 103.06 million shares.Engaged in providing a comprehensive solution in the design, execution and maintenance of intelligent security system.Target market: Finance, Education, Medical and other General industries.