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Products info:Automatic Bollard& road Block
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Lead the industry more than ten years, we continue to meet the quality of life for your commitment to the guarantee, and become a main body of innovation, we will do everything we can to improve our lives every day.
Founded in 1984, Italy CAME group, the development has 13 branches and more than 350 dealers all over the world, well deserved to become a leader in the field of automation and control systems.
Cncame group to quality products and efficient service and professional skills and professional characteristics of the company continues to international, is the backbone of our mission. For over a decade, we have made great success in our products!
We have a wealth of experience in the face of the future, the spirit of innovation and the drive of faith, so that we continue to grow and improve. The cutting-edge technology and unique ability to make cncame in the global profile. To achieve each goal is the starting point for the next target!
New mode, new technology, new automatic operating system gives us unparalleled reliability and security. Cncame brand all the ideas and solutions are focused on this, here you can find any answer to the need!
Every time cncame design, production of new products, through the analysis of the risk, security is the reason to be considered the primary consideration. Each cncame installation is particularly unique, is the exclusive product. The new patent simplifies the work of non professionals, to ensure that the unique offer and service reliability!
Global outsourcing economy is more and more widespread, cncame has always been adhering to the strict production process to meet its development of a strong international sales network and the specific needs of the market. For the future development of the global market automation system leader.

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