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Founded in 2007, Multi IR Technology Co. Ltd., is a technology company that specializes in R&D, manufacturing and technology integration in the smart sensor industry.
Since inception, Multi IR dedicates itself in infrared technology innovation, invests heavily in optical engineering, machinery and process improvement. By now, Multi IR is the owner of over 100 patents, among other practical know-hows. Our engineering specialties and quality adherence program is recognized by our customers as an industry leader in providing thin film precision coating filters and other sensor products.
There is little doubt today that Internet of Things has walked past its inauspicious beginnings and ready to make a real impact into every aspect of human activities. Sensor, serving as the front tier role for IoT applications to discover the world, is becoming a mission critical industry. Opportunities arise globally, let along the untapped Chinese market; Challenges, risks need to be met, managed with interdisciplinary expertise and trustworthy partnerships. Multi IR, well positioned in the Chinese sensor market, is ready and proud to promote collaboration globally. Through persistent investment in research, development and partnership with other industrial leaders with a strong commitment in respect and protection of intellectual properties, Multi IR continuously introduces new products into its ever growing product portfolio across different markets, including aerospace, smart home, smart city, smart manufacturing, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles and others.