Range Category: Integrated Management Platform,Intelligent Transportation,Public Security Departments
Products info:Intelligent perimeter/Intelligent warehouse/Intelligent confinement cell/Public people flow monitoring/Smart Anti-tailing
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company phone: 86336350
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Hongyida Technology Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence application product company integrating research and development, production and sales. The company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China. It develops a series of intelligent space service products and builds a spatial information big data platform based on distance sensor networks.
As an innovative company in the field of smart space applications, we won the Shenzhen Government’s 2017 Peacock Team and obtained strategic investment from the development of the Shenzhen government. The core team members all come from the University of Tokyo in Japan and have more than ten years of research and development and application experience in the field of intelligent application research in urban space. For many years, it has cooperated with world-famous companies and research institutes, and has rich industrial application experience in the world's most cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning.
The company has always been relying on distance sensors, machine learning, and pattern recognition technology to accurately obtain the spatial information and behavior patterns of individuals and groups in urban space, intelligent pedestrian recognition technology, human posture recognition technology, etc., with a number of patents for technological inventions. To provide innovative products and application solutions for China's smart public utilities, urban management, urban security, and create smart market for urban space.
At present, HongYida Technology has achieved market breakthroughs in areas such as intelligent transportation and intelligent security. The related products such as: intelligent signal lights, boundary wall intelligence management system of prisons, indoor human behavior pattern recognition, self-service channel anti-trailing intelligent monitoring system of customs house, and people flow intelligent monitoring system for the public event and so on, has been applied to public security, transportation, and judicial industries customers.