Company: Shenzhen Dictate Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Transmission Equipment,Security Accessories,Security Systems Integration,Component,Hardware Equipment,防雷器
Products info:Surge protector device, 2-in-1 SPD, backup protector, automatic reclosure, PDU
Booth Number: 4D34
Contact address: Room 712,523,Bagualing Industrial Zone, 3th Bagua Road,Futian District SZ,China.
company phone: 32885846
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Dikai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a professional enterprise engaged in lightning protection industry, we do lightning protection only for three things: to ensure personal safety, to ensure equipment safety, to ensure fire safety.
The company focuses on new lightning protection technology, new product development, production, service and lightning protection technology consulting services. The company has provided lightning protection engineering design, product installation, inspection and maintenance and technical advisory services for various sectors of the society, such as domestic electric power, transportation, communications, security, civil aviation, finance, petroleum and petrochemical, education, radio and television, armaments, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions.
The company always pays attention to brand building and product quality assurance, \"Selek\" and \"DICTATE\" are the company\'s product brands. Our lightning protection products and grounding products cover direct lightning protection, power line surge protection, signal line surge protection, combination surge protection, SCB backup protector, automatic reclosure, protection. Lightning PDU, lightning proximity warning system, undertaking various lightning protection projects, testing, consulting services, product OEM, is a one-stop purchasing and service professional supplier of domestic lightning protection products.
In 2015, the company was registered as a government procurement supplier in Shenzhen. It was awarded the top ten brands of China\'s security (lightning protection category) in 2018, the national pilot Credit Cultivation unit, the member unit of the Credit Construction Committee of China Enterprise Credit Office, and the member unit of Jiangxi Tai and Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province. The company is also authorized by Guangxi Dikai Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen distributor, is authorized by Xiamen Daheng Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen distributor, we also distribute German OBO and other well-known foreign brands of surge protectors. At the same time, we also distribute Shanghai Chenzhu, Beijing Pinghe and other well-known brands of security isolators, signal isolators, welcomed new and old customers to call and discuss.
The company always takes \"customer satisfaction is the reason for our existence\" as the management service concept, based on Shenzhen, looking at China and going to the world. We provide reliable products, competitive price system and excellent service quality to our customers. We look forward to cooperating with you, sharing market benefits, and working hard to reduce the loss of lightning damage for human society!