Company: mininglamp technology
Range Category: Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Fire Equipment
Products info:The Public Service Group (PSG) under Mininglamp Technology is a provider of solutions based on AI platforms with a mission to integrate perceptual intelligence with cognitive intelligence. Since it was established, the PSG has offered intelligent closed-loop construction services in recognition, und
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Company Introduction:
Mininglamp Technology Group is China's leading provider of one-stop AI products and service platform. It is committed to exploring the application of the new generation of AI technology in the industries with complicated management. It breaks down the wall between perceptual and cognitive intelligence, aiming to integrate the wisdom of human beings, machines and organizations through multi-modal AI and big data technology, eventually achieve the application of high-level artificial intelligence with decision-making and analytical ability. The efficient internal operation of organizations enables more manpower and resources in innovation, and thus creates a beautiful world of man-machine coordination.
In the global context of digitization, China is also stepping into the new era of a fully digitized society propelled by leading technologies. By leveraging technologies across various fields and cumulative experiences from different industries, Mininglamp Technology has made a perfect match between commercialized technologies and business demands, with productivity remarkably improved accordingly. At the same time, Mininglamp has developed several new businesses, including enterprise online digital services, government public services and new offline services, which can be applied to more than ten industries, and Mininglamp has also been constantly approaching emerging fields.
Mininglamp believes that artificial intelligence is the key. It guarantees high efficiency and accelerates innovation; it builds a new social order and brings about equality and justice; it documents and systematizes human wisdom and extends the wisdom by advancing the limits of sciences and technologies.
A better world of compatible human-machine coexistence is what Mininglamp aims for and commits itself to for now and forever.