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Products info:YISA Ping\'an City Solution, Social Governance Solution, Intelligent Transportation Solution, etc.
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Contact address: Third Floor, Building 396 Guanggu Software Park, Emeishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao
company phone: 80983000
Company Introduction:
YISA is an AI + city operation management solution provider, dedicated to smart city fine operation management, deep cultivation of AI, big data cutting-edge technology research and development and landing applications. In many fields, such as public security, intelligent traffic police, social governance and so on, the advanced technology of multi-dimensional holographic data trajectory and situational awareness has been developed and applied rapidly.

YISA has a full stack of self-developed artificial intelligence technology and a customized and optimized large data acceleration engine for business scenarios, which can meet the real-time analysis, query, collision and other complex calculations of 10 billion-level data. Aiming at the multi-aspect business pain points and actual needs involved in urban operation management, we provide a highly competitive scenario solution of AI.