Company: Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co.,Ltd.
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Products info:Iris Capturer Device、Iris Recognition Device、Iris Recognition Public Cloud Computing Platform、Iris Recognition Private Cloud Computing Platform、Iris Recognition Solutions
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Company Introduction:
Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the few iris recognition intelligent semiconductor chip suppliers in the world. It is a national hi-tech company, which has completely innovated intellectual property rights of its key iris recognition algorithms.Hongshi Technologies is committed to the research, development, application and industrialization of the core technology and related products of iris biometrics technology.
Wuhan Hongshi TechnologiesCo., Ltd was established in 2011 and is located in the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, which is well-known as the Optics Valley of China. The head office as the main service center is in Wuhan as well as the branch service centers are set in Shenzhen, Singapore, India and Switzerland. The company has established a customer-centric global sales service network.
Hongshi Technologies is always focusing on development and innovation of the core technology of the iris recognition with Wuhan and Shenzhen two R&D centers. The company has very strong strength in research and development. More than half of the staffs have Master's Degree or PhD degrees.Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co., Ltd has developed the most advanced iris recognition algorithms and is one of the few suppliers of iris recognition chips worldwide. The company has close collaborations with National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University, and possesses more than a hundrednational intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, we have participated in proposing, developing and compiling many national standards related to iris recognition.
Besides algorithms and chips, Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co., Ltdas well provides hardware products, such as iris acquisition devices, iris matching devices, iris database servers, and high-speed iris matching servers, and software application platforms. We also provide customized and integrated solutions of iris recognition according to customers'requirements. The company targets on the emerging markets for biometrics-based security and authentication areas. The products can be widely utilized in information safety, national defense safety, public safety, financial safety, border control, online payment, smart city, smart home, smart mobile terminals and many other applications. The company cooperates widely and actively with many provincial and municipal government organizations, public security departments, financial organizations, universities, enterprises and many other customers.
With the company adherence to the spirit "responsibility, innovation, hard work, excellence, honesty, keep faith, mutual help and win-win", Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co., Ltd. is the pilot company of developing novel information security products in China. The company continues developing cutting-edge technologies in information security industry and aspires to be the international leader in iris biometrics technology.