Company: 360 Security Technology Inc.
Range Category: Smart Home,360城市安全大脑
Products info:360 City Safety Brain 360 D819 Smart Doorbell 360 D706 HD Smart IP Camera 360 D801 Outdoor Camera
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company phone: 58781000
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2005, 360 Technology is the largest Internet and mobile security product and service provider in China. As the pioneer of free security software, 360 has launched 360 Security Guard, 360 Mobile Guard, 360 Security Browser and many other nationwide security products. At the same time, the company provides comprehensive security services including security consulting, security operation and maintenance, and security training for millions of state agencies and enterprises.In the past ten years, the company has been deeply involved in the security industry. It has gathered the largest "White Hat Army" in the Eastern Hemisphere and has a total number of 3800 top security talents. With the world-class vulnerability research capabilities and offensive and defensive competence.360 has accumulated the largest domestic security big data and possessed nearly 10,000 patents of original technology and core technology.After returning to the A-share market in 2018, the company’s original Internet security services and various main businesses has been running in an orderly manner. In the meanwhile, 360 launched the world's largest distributed intelligent security system through continual technological innovation - "360 Security Brain". Based on that, an integrated strategic defense system has been released to embrace the era of big security. In the future, the company will focus on building security brains in three dimensions: national security, urban security and family security, aiming at solving security issues in various fields such as the state affairs, national defense, cities, society, families and individuals, and providing comprehensive security solutions for the whole nation and society.