Company: Terra Info Tech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Intelligent Analysis,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
Products info:提供全产业链数字孪生(Digital Twin)解决方案
Booth Number: 8A19
Contact address: 5F,Ling Zhi center,Aobei Technoloyg park,Haidian District Beijing 1000192,China
company phone: 64845922
Company Introduction:

SmartEarth Technology Co., Ltd is a joint venture between two companies that offer superior technology solutions: Skyline and Terra-IT.
Skyline Software System Inc. is a leading global provider of 3D GIS software and technology. Terra Info Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a leading provider of one-stop digital earth products and location-based services.
SmartEarth Technology Co., Ltd. develops and provides the most innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms and solutions for global customers.
Thousands of large-scale systems developed with SmartEarth technology are running smoothly and over 60 industries have been offered GIS solutions so far, such as Land Management, Public Service, Statistics GIS, Real Estate, and Facility Management and Urban Management. SmartEarth has also built a mobile and Internet location-based service platform that offers customers and business partners a broad range of location-based solutions.