Company: Great Lite International Corp., Ltd.
Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Storage Devices,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
Products info:VSP Video Streaming Platforms with AI intelligent integration, high-level big data integration capability combined with user-friendly operation interfaces, allow end users easily to use apps on Android/iOS smartphone or PC to remotely view digital streaming videos on cloud-based storage.
Booth Number: 6C06
Contact address:
company phone: 886289132286#107
Company Introduction:
In early 2016, a group of good friends with rich experience in surveillance industry realized the potential opportunity from AI application in video field, decided to form an enterprise to aim at Intelligence Video solution. In 2017, Taiwan public listed Corporation – Cheer Time Enterprise decided to merge this new born company. Thus a Great and bright dream born in Taiwan, we named it “Great Lite International”

We will focus our efforts in developing proper AI video related solution for the market. To integrate the advance AI technologies with our accumulated experience from past, we are confident to become the leading Intelligent Video solution provider in Taiwan and South East Asia market in the near future.