Company: Shenzhen Xin Kuang Shi Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Building Intercom,One Card Solution,Security Systems Integration,Chip-level Solutions,Intelligent Transportation,人脸识别
Products info:Face recognition
Booth Number: 3D35
Contact address:
company phone: 9631350
Company Introduction:
Xinkuangshi is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent visual services of Internet of things.

Around the core technologies of artificial intelligence such as face recognition and video structure, the company provides complete visual IOT products and scene solutions for offline scenes such as smart community, smart apartment and smart business through a series of embedded IOT intelligent dynamic terminals.

At present, the company's independent research and development, covering hardware, operating system, algorithm, aiot platform and SaaS platform and other fields. To provide enterprises with one-stop Internet of things intelligent visual solutions, covering scenes including: community, office, business, campus, hotel, construction site, etc.