CPSE 2009 Gold Excellence Award Application & Assessment Program

In order to increase the visibility and the market competitiveness of security products, it is hereby to lay down the detailed program for the application and assessment procedure of the 12th CPSE Gold Excellence Award. The program is based on the work schedule and plan of the organizer committee.
I   Eligible Applicants
Eligible applicants are exhibitors of the 12th CPSE who submit products to the CPS laboratory. CPS laboratory will invite professionals from the industry to comprehensively assess the performances of products. Products and relevant assessment results will be disclosed in the section of “Product Assessment” in China Public Security (Chinese edition).
II   Selection Criteria
    Eligible products should possess registered trade marks, production standard, quality report, 3C certificate. Market recognitions, size of factories and technologies will also be carefully considered by the panel.
III   Principles
     Participation in the assessment are based on the will of exhibitors, it is not compulsory. The judge panel (panel of judges?) will work under principles of “publicity, justice, fairness and objectiveness”.
IV  Assessment and Publicity
The judge panel will be composed of authorities from relevant national departments, as well as industry professionals from China and overseas.
The “12th CPSE Gold Excellence Award” will be granted to product manufacturers after careful assessment.
The organizer committee of the 12th CPSE will be the only authority to grant awards and certificates.
All awarded products will be displayed on China Public Security, CPS.com (www.cps.com.cn), and other partner media.
V   Assessment Procedure
Appearance – to evaluate special features of products' appearance
Assessment objective – to emphasize objective of assessment in order to clarify the essential point for readers
Disassemble – to evaluate the interior structure
Application – to apply the product into real systems or networks
Editor’s comment – footnotes by the editor
Professional assessment – summary by professionals
Manufacturers’ information – to bridge the buyers and factories
VI  Sign Up NOW!
Exhibitors intending to sign up for the assessment please send the product with full package to the panel’s office (address: “Product Assessment”, L4, Yinglong Building, 6025 Shennan Road, Futian, Shenzhen, P. R. China, 518040). Exhibitors are to claim the full responsibility for the authenticity of data and information about the product and the enterprise.
In case of any inquires please contact our sales representatives. Online application is open now. Prior to sending their products to the panel's office, Exhibitors should complete the online application through www.cps.com.cn.
Please sign up for “Gold Excellence Award” or “Silver Excellence Award” only. Do NOT sign up for both. Otherwise the application will be regarded ineligible.
VII   Fees
Applicants are to bear the expenses on professional assessments.
Applicants are to bear the expenses on the display and publicity on the magazine. RMB 20000 for each product .
Please note:Products will be put into a unique section of the magazine named “CPS Laboratory” and presented by categories. The section covers two color pages, measuring 285mm X 210mm, with “CPS Laboratory” at the master head.
VIII  Contact Information
      Post address: L4, Yinglong Building, 6025 Shennan Road, Futian, Shenzhen, P. R. China, 518040
      Tel: 86-755-8830916888309160
IX   Power of interpretation is reserved to the organizer committee of the 12th CPSE.