Declaration of the Third Global Security Contribution Award

The Global Security Contribution Award will recognize and promote individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Global Security Industry over a sustained period of time. The declaration of the third Global Security Contribution Award, which is organized by the world's largest professional security exhibition-CPSE Security. Expo Organizing Committee and Global Security Industry Alliance, will start immediately.
Selection range
- Chairman of national security associations
- President of domestic foreign security companies
- Technical experts and
- Relevant celebrities
Selection time
Selection will be hosted once every two years and 10 to 12 outstanding individuals will be awarded.
Criterion 1:History of service and Personal Abilityin GSI
The nominee should have outstanding abilities in at least one of the following aspects, including leadership ability, organizing ability, personal influence, professional knowledge, personal charisma and good reputation in the industry. Normally, nominee should have at least five years’ experience in the industry or other relative areas.
Criterion 2: Significant contribution and positive influence in GSI
Nominees should have made great contributions to at least one of these four aspects:
Technological innovation: the nominee should have made great efforts on certain scientific innovation, technological innovation and research technology innovation, and this innovation has fully satisfied social need and benefits the industry.
Environmental protection: the nominee should have made certain contribution on environmental protection. For instance, they should have the ideas of environmental protection, such as saving energy, green living, sustainable development and resource recycling in the industry, devoted to put it into practice and have made huge impact.
Social responsibility: the nominee should have a strong sense of social responsibility, the specific performance in the security of enterprise should be a two-way open system, in order to guarantee the stability and progress of society as a whole, between enterprise and society must be kept straight, honest and open information communication, so as to make the world a better place and security concept of corporate social responsibility.
Product market share: The enterprise, which the nominee is leaded, must have a certain reputation and market share in global security market.
Preparing the application
-Truthfully fill in the third global security contribution award candidate table (including personal photo);
-Submit 5-8 minutes candidate introduction video
-Company introduction
The Candidate Table of the 3th Global Security Contribution Award  Download
PS: Meanwhile, the selected individuals will be investigated and have a comprehensive assessment before Selection Committee confirms the final list of “Global Security Contribution Award”. Selection Committee of Global Security Contribution Award will concern the sustainable development of enterprises and improve the credibility and authority of investigation and verification by standing in a neutral and objective stance with strict examination standards.
Declaration of time: From July 20th 2013 to September 29th 2013, please delivery document to the Selection Committee in this period.
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